Landlords Insurance

If you are already a landlord you will know that life can get very expensive when things go wrong. That’s why it's so important to have the right protection in place and, whilst landlords' insurance isn't compulsory, that's also why some lenders make it a requirement of taking out a buy-to-let mortgage.

At Holbrook Property Finance Ltd our focus is on offering specialist advice for landlords, ensuring you don’t leave yourself exposed and guaranteeing you exactly the right policy for your individual needs.

Peace of mind for all eventualities.

Landlords' Buildings Insurance

One of the main types of cover a landlord will require is buildings insurance – a surefire way of protecting the bricks and mortar and of covering rebuilding costs in the event of fire or flood. Our specialist advisers will make sure you have the right cover for your individual needs.

So that being a landlord feels as safe as houses.

Landlords' Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is vital if your property is rented fully or partly furnished. Whilst it is crucial to protect your beds, carpets, sofas and other possessions from theft or damage, extra cover for accidental damage is also available, and can cover anything from a smashed mirror to a coffee stain on the soft furnishings.

Protecting what’s yours at all times.

Landlords' Liability Insurance

At Holbrook Property Finance Ltd we understand how important it is to be covered for all eventualities – even those that might never happen. Liability insurance covers you against tenants who may try to bring action against you for an accident that occurs on your property. It can be invaluable for protecting you in the event of any injury or death on your property and can be added as an extra to most policies.

Thinking about the unthinkable.

Loss of Rent Insurance

If your property becomes uninhabitable for any reason, you may be unable to rent it out for a period of time. The rent you miss out on over this period can be protected by loss of rent insurance. Our specialists know exactly how important loss of rent cover is, particularly if you have taken out a large mortgage on the property and are relying on the rent to meet monthly repayments. By being protected you ensure the mortgage is covered for as long as it needs to be.

Future proofing finances for landlords.  

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance is worth considering if you are worried about any costs that might arise from potential disputes with your tenants (including evicting squatters and repossessing your property). Legal expenses insurance can also cover the cost of defending you against any criminal action that might be brought against you.

Cover your legal fees and you cover any eventuality.

Landlords' Home Emergency Cover

Emergency cover includes covering the cost of arranging emergency repairs following a gas leak, burst pipe, break-in or pest infestation at your property. It also guarantees that a fully qualified tradesman will be on hand to sort out household emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Worry-free solutions – guaranteed.