Consolidation of multiple pensions for UK client

Holbrook Wealth Management was recently approached by a client who had several pensions in different places.

Over the course of several meetings, I highlighted the valuable benefits each of his pensions offered, which would be lost if he transferred them.

I reviewed all his options, explained them to him and recommended a sound financial plan. During my research, I uncovered an additional pension scheme which he wasn’t aware he had. I used this discovery to go through a number of hypothetical “what if” scenarios. The idea was to give him deeper insight into his options and the financial plan I recommended, and thereby assist his decision making.

My research and recommendations paid off. Once my client understood his financial options, he decided to follow his lifelong ambition - serving the local community by training as a Paramedic.

He has already taken the first step towards pursuing his dream by resigning from his highly paid, stressful job, secure in the knowledge that he is financially stable. He also went on a long sailing holiday in the Atlantic before starting his training, using the tax free lump sum which was generated from his pension when he left his job.


Wealth Manager – Holbrook Wealth Management